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June 14, 2014
Amanda LaRochelle,Director
Country Woods Family Child Care                                                                                                                                                         Epping, NH 03042

 Dear Amanda:

It is with great pleasure that Kelly and I recommend Country Woods Family Child Care to prospective parents. We want to thank

Amanda for everything she’s done for Addison and Peter while caring for and nurturing them. Bringing our 4yr old and 1.5

yr old to Amanda’s center was one of the easiest decisions to make. Amanda is easy to communicate with and is both

available and flexible with situations, which makes her stand out from all other centers. Above all else, her caring approach

towards children is second to none.

Amanda has been absolutely instrumental in their learning, creativity, and fostering respectfulness. From teaching Addison

how to put her coat on by herself through “FLIPPIDY FLOP”, how to share with and care for her peers, along with colors,

numbers, letters, and writing her name – she has grown so exponentially since she started at the center. Peter consistently

executes sign language with proficiency, uses new vocabulary each week, and upon arrival at the center, runs away from us to

go sit down and begin playing.

The arts and crafts Amanda has done with Addison and Peter have been very thoughtful. Kelly and I have certainly

appreciated the holiday creativity as well as the Mother’s and Father’s Day presents. Our decision to move back to New

Jersey is not easy, but it’s important for our family long term. Upon presenting the news to Addison and discussing packing

our house, she said, “but wait! I can’t move without my Miss Amanda!” We hope to stay in touch with Amanda and send

pictures; she has touched our family and we are proud to consider her a friend. Kelly and I highly recommend

Country Woods Family Child Care.





Dear Parents,     
          I am proud to say that my son, Tyler, has been attending Country
Woods Family Childcare. When I met "Miss Amanda," I was very
pleased with her knowledge and compassion for understanding children.
She has a great ability to expand on each child's preference and turn it
into a learning activity. The transition from Tyler's previous childcare
experiences to Country Woods Childcare was very difficult at first.
He had a hard time trusting others and leaving my side.
Miss Amanda guided him through that difficult transition beautifully.
In just a short time, Tyler was looking forward to going.
And there were no more tears during drop-off.
          Since attending the facility, Tyler has advanced tremendously in
his ability to recognize shapes, colors, numbers, and letters.
He takes pride in the ability to write shapes and letters now and is
doing a great job. While he has made a great leap in learning,
he is also acquiring great social skills. Being an only child,
Tyler is learning a lot from the children around him.
Miss Amanda invites the children to do dramatic play, crafts, and
outdoor activities that give each child a way to express their favorite
activities, together. Tyler has learned patience and understanding
with others. He has become more helpful with everyday duties.
          I am also very pleased with the variety of ways Miss Amanda has
been able to keep the children interested. She makes learning fun!
The children got to play on a real fire truck. This was one of Tyler's
favorite activities. He got to meet the Chief of the fire department and
learn how to use the fire hose. She also teaches teamwork while
baking and other fun activities. Each day is a new adventure!
          I honestly could go on and on about how amazing Miss Amanda
and Country Woods Family Childcare is! I will say that my only regret
is not finding this place and Miss Amanda sooner! Please feel free to
call me or write me if you have any more questions about this facility.
I would be happy to discuss and share my experiences.
Thank you very much!
 Erin Bourque



Andrea E. Orio
8 Hillside Road
Kingston, NH 03848

May 28, 2013


Amanda LaRochelle

Country Woods Family Child Care 18 Hickory Hill Road

Epping, NH 03042


RE: Reference for child care Dear Amanda,

I am delighted to hear that you will provide child care services from your home-based

facility in Epping. And I am happy to provide a reference for you at any time to

prospective or current families that will be workiworking with you in your new



Feel free to forward this letter to your clients as a reference and they may

contact me via email (listed above) if I can answer questions directly.


To current and prospective parents, I would say, without hesitation,

that I highly recommend Amanda as a child care provider. Our family has known

and loved "Miss Amanda" since 2006, when our daughter was just two years old.

We moved to the area from out-of-state and we were faced with the daunting task

of finding new child care for our daughter. When we found Amanda and the

center where she worked, we were put at ease. Amanda's professionalism,

maturity, responsibility and most of all her caring attention with the children made

these early child-care years much easier for us as working parents.


Furthermore, we were fortunate that Amanda was available to sit for us many,

many times separately from the day-care center. Having an active, trained

EMT/Firefighter that is also a patient and loving child care provider is a rare find

and we are glad that Amanda has been part of our child's development and care

for the past seven years.


Most importantly, I have always felt my child is safe in Amanda's care, and then

I can also attest to the excellent education my daughter received when Amanda

was her pre-school and pre-K teacher for three years. Early writing and reading

skills, cooking and craft projects, sensory and dramatic play are just some areas

in which I know Amanda excels as an educator. And I know my daughter loves

Amanda and looks forward to spending time with her, which speaks volumes for

her individualized attention, patience and care for kids.


Amanda, I look forward hearing of your success in your new location and

feel free to refer clients to me for further information.



 Andrea E. Orio


May 13, 2013

 To Whom It May Concern:

 When my daughter Allie was 5 years old, we started her at the local daycare with

Amanda LaRochelle. It was very difficult for us because Allie was quite timid and very

hesitant to leave our side. Amanda made the transition wonderfully easy. She knew

exactly what to do with our nervous daughter. Within just a few weeks, Allie was looking

forward to going to school. It was a great relief. As time went on, our experience with

Amanda continued to impress us.  Amanda taught Allie through the Lively Letters

program. It was amazing to watch our little girl learn to read in such a short period of time. Allie is now 7 and doing very well in first grade. I honestly believe that a large part of this is due to Amanda and her dedication.

 I would also like to add that I was very pleased with the amount of outside play and

exploration time Amanda insisted on. I am a strong believer in the children releasing

their energy in the fresh air.

 I am very grateful that Amanda was in our lives, and so was my daughter!

 Laurie Bezanson

25 Walnut Farm Rd Newton, NH 03858

(603) 974-2378



June 15, 2013

 To Whom It May Concern:

 This letter enthusiastically recommends Ms. Amanda LaRochelle and her

childcare services. Our two daughters Reese and Sophia (almost one year old twins)

have been part of the infant program at Newton Learning Center (NLC) since

October 2012. We got to know Amanda during her time providing care for the infants

at NLC, and more specifically our girls. It has been an absolute pleasure working

with her to help our girls grow and learn. Like many other sets of twins, our girls

were born premature.  

We were told by several pediatricians that building strength in the girls would be

difficult and that we could expect to see some developmental delays due to their size.

They needed a little extra care and attention and we feel that they really got that

spending time with Amanda at NLC. Working together with Amanda, we were able

to coordinate daily exercises/activities for the girls in order to build strength and

develop as babies

(both physically and mentally).  At almost one year old, both of our girls are really

thriving and they have been reaching their developmental milestones on the

same time line as their peers.

 Amanda has also been sensitive to the special relationship that our girls have,

being twins. To us, it is very important that our girls get to spend a lot of time

together during the day, but also have some time apart to develop as individuals.

The structure of the infant program that Amanda created incorporates time for our

girls to do things together (like playing, eating meals, and napping) and also time

for activities apart. She has made sure they have time to interact with some of

the other infants (like taking walks, sensory activities, and singing songs).

We are very pleased to see that our girls can have fun and socialize with other

children and not just depend on each other for entertainment.

 It's a very comforting feeling when you can see in your children's faces

that they really enjoy spending time with your childcare provider.

It makes life easier when you can trust that they are safe, happy and loved

even when you can't be there with them. We are thankful to have found that with

Amanda and we're very grateful to her for taking such wonderful care of our


 Please feel free to contact Lyndsay at 207.577.3743 or

via email at miss! with any questions.


Lyndsay & Jason Butler 64 Smith Corner Road Newton, NH 03858




April 30, 2013

 Dear Families of Country Woods Family Child Care,

 I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Amanda La Rochelle for over 3 years as the

Assistant Director of Newton Learning Center where my son Thomas attends.

Amanda is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to the education and nurturing of young children.

Her ability to relate and empathize with both children and parents is rarely seen. Amanda always

took the time to listen as when parents expressed concerns or offered feedback . As a parent who

is also a professional in the field of child development it is comforting to have a person who truly

is passionate and educated about the work. Amanda is quite organized, possesses a strong attention

to detail and flexible in her time and commitment to families. Her door was always open to families

and helped new families as they transitioned into the center. She organized every aspect of the day

to day at the cente r. From classroom assignments, billing, allergy concerns, field trips and multitude

of other duties. Her ability to oversee yet teach daily shows her commitment to young children.

 Ms. Amanda will be greatly missed and it has been a joy having her as a part of my son's life.

Your children will be in very capable hands with Amanda .


 Heather Ingham, LIC




Epping Fire Department would be happy to give anyone information if you call. Contacts

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